Marc Bacani, Production Manager

Marc's Story

Marc Bacani spent his early years in the Philippines with his mom and older siblings, where he developed his love for music and singing in the shower. In 1994, he and his siblings immigrated to the United States to live with their dad. Since immigration stories are often not linear, let’s just say his family was finally reunited thirteen years later.

Growing up in Long Beach, CA, Marc didn’t have much but he successfully navigated a new country. With the help of his brother, he learned to take public transit everywhere he needed to go. To this day, he has never owned a car but has been able to maneuver through other cities in which he lived, including DC, Brooklyn, and Oakland.

Between long bus rides to and from school and being home alone for extended periods of time, Marc let his imagination run wild as kid. He often used music to advance the story he was creating in his head. During this time, he added 90s Top 40 music, his dad’s collection of 70s Time Life CDs, Motown, The Beatles, alternative rock and cathartic love songs to his eclectic music palette. Inspired by the videos his brother produced for school assignments, he wanted to combine his love for music, passion for film, and penchant for daydreaming to tell compelling stories. 

Out of necessity, Marc developed an entrepreneurial spirit selling basketball cards in elementary school and candy bars in middle school. In high school, he transitioned to providing study guides and tutoring services for his classmates, enabling him to pay for school expenses without financially burdening his sister.

Marc went on to attend the University of California, Berkeley, where he began as an engineering major. After three semesters, he switched out when he realized that he was NOT about that life. It was during this time that he experienced the impact of education disparities on his academic performance and self-esteem. He eventually learned that his academic shortcomings was not necessarily from lack of effort (though he definitely could’ve played less NBA 2K), but rather a larger systemic issue of government entities not providing adequate resources to public schools that primarily served low-income students of color. Imposter syndrome aside, being an engineering major just wasn’t that fun. So he said, “screw it.” 

Marc received his BA in political economy from UC Berkeley and his MPP from the Goldman School of Public Policy. Over the past 10 years, Marc has dedicated his career to empowering underserved communities through the electoral process as a data manager and operations specialist. In DC, he worked with elections data to increase access to voting information and trained progressive candidates on how to improve their voter outreach strategies. He later worked at a tech startup in Brooklyn, where he developed partnerships with colleges and universities to implement innovative voter registration technology.

Most recently, he was a program coordinator at PolicyLink, where he provided programmatic, technical, and logistical support for a coalition of social justice organizations working to pursue policy and systems change that improve the life outcomes for boys and men of color.

Although Marc has spent the last decade fighting for underserved communities, he kept close to his heart the childhood dream to produce films. Throughout his academic career, he produced videos for school assignments just like his brother. As a professional, he produced videos for local government entities, artists, and nonprofits in DC, Brooklyn, and Oakland to expand the reach of their message. He has also worked as a production assistant in commercial shoots for Bonchon Chicken and Colgate Toothpaste in the Philippines. As part of the Dream Chase Media team, he’s looking forward to produce compelling stories through film and media.

Short Bio

Marc Bacani is a Philippine-born, California-raised, and Berkeley-educated music enthusiast who has worked as an educator, data manager, and operations specialist. He is an aspiring DJ, an avid writer of short stories, and a seasoned videographer, specializing in video editing to tell compelling stories. Marc received his BA in political economy from the University of California, Berkeley and his MPP from the Goldman School of Public Policy.

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