Our Services


We specialize in narratives and experiences that embody the ideals of hope, beauty, love, healing, and justice. Whether you are an artist, a company, or an individual — we believe you have an interesting story to tell. Let us help you tell that story with authenticity, originality, and style.  From planning all the way through to completion, we will work to ensure you are proud of what we create together.

High Quality


We work across many mediums including photography and film. Whether you are creating a documentary, advertisement, book, museum exhibit, or photography show, we can provide storytelling and production solutions with top-of-the-line professional quality. If your project is outside the scope of our expertise or interest, we will be sure to recommend you to a company better fit for your needs.

Dream Chase Originals


Dream Chase Media got its start with the production of a feature length documentary film, THE BLACK FATHERHOOD PROJECT. Our next film, GRANDMA'S ROSES, a documentary exploring women's labor and love, is expected to premiere in early 2020. FROM FOSTER CARE TO FOSTER OUT, about a product of the foster care system working to prevent more kids from entering it, is currently in pre-production.